Privacy Policy

As part of our web services, we use 3rd party tracking tools in order to help us better understand who is using our website. These 3rd party tools make use of a technology known as cookies, which are miniscule files stored within the software you use to browse the web, that allow them to identify your computer uniquely.

These cookies allow us to know non-specific data about our visitors, such as the regions they are from (Country and County/State), when they visited us, what pages on our site were visited the most and what websites they came from (such as search engines or direct advertising links). We also get some technical information, such as which software and devices our visitors are using to browse our website, which in turn allows us to tailor the experience to their needs (i.e. making our site more mobile-friendly).

If you do not wish for us to use cookies, there are a number of ways you can prevent this. Firstly, some browsers support disabling cookies either across all sites or just a select few sites (such as ours). Whilst making these changes to your settings will largely prevent sites tracking you (although some data is gathered from things such as IP addresses, which cannot be blocked or masked), they may also affect the functionality of some sites

For example, cookies are also used to track login and identity information to ensure that you have the right to access an account such as on social media websites or banking websites. Disabling cookies on the website should not affect your ability to use the website.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to disable cookies on your browser, you may choose not to visit a website. Websites can only access cookies that they place on your software and only when you are visiting that website.

Cookies belonging to other websites, such as social media sites, can be accessed if code from that other website is embedded within the site you are visiting. This is how social media windows, embedded into another website, can show you who else has “liked” that website. Our site does not have any social media integration, so this does not affect our visitors.

All data we collect on visitors, which are all forms of non-identifying information, are stored securely.